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  • Belinda Saville - Jewellery Giveaway

    This bi-annual giveaway marks three glorious years on this metalsmithing journey of mine.  It's just a little way for me to say thank you to you, my friends, for your support and encouragement.  The journey would be far less exciting without your hands and hearts gently pushing me along!

    So, let's get to the good stuff, shall we!

    ::  { THE GOOD STUFF }  ::

    There will be three prizes up for grabs:

    ::  { PRIZE ONE   -   A gorgeous gemstone & sterling silver cocktail ring }  ::  

    Choose your favourite from these beauties and I will make it into a size that it just perfect for you!



    ::  { PRIZE TWO   -   An initial necklace of your choice }  ::

    Perfect for everyday, wear it alone or layer it with your favourite necklaces.  The initial is hand sawn by me and hangs from a delicate 1.5mm rollo chain.  The typeface is the ever-gorgeous Minion Pro (which just so happens to be the same font used in my branding...heh!)


    ::  { PRIZE THREE   -   A set of five sterling silver stacking rings }  ::
    Some best-selling favourites, and some brand new designs....this set of five lovelies will be made just for you!




    ::  { How To Enter } ::

    You can receive a maximum of four for completing each of the following:


    ::  {One Entry} - leave a comment below telling me which cocktail ring you would choose from the beauties pictured above (the names of the gemstones are listed there for your convenience!)


    ::  {One Entry} - share the link to this giveaway post on your Facebook page or via Twitter (and don't forgot to post a link below showing me where you have posted about it!)


    :: {One Entry} - pin your favourite Belinda Saville adornment from my website ( or my Etsy shop ( to one of your Pinterest boards.  It must be a new pin - old pins of my work don't count!  Post a link to your pin below.


    :: {One Entry} - tell me one thing that made you smile today  :-)

    Don't forget to include your email address so I can get in touch with you if you win!

    I will be accepting entries until midnight AEST on Sunday 27 October 2013.  The three winners (one for each prize) will be drawn and announced on Monday 28 October 2013.  Yay!

    Best of luck, my friends!





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    • Ardian says...

      I do not use pinterest and have no dersie to do so. However I have been wondering recently if any of my photos ever make there way there. I have no real objections but I would expect credit and also would expect the pinner to have the courtesy to let me know they have used my work! Somehow I doubt that is happening much for anyone. :(

      On April 04, 2015

    • Risya says...

      Congratulations to you!! Hope your all day sickness gets beettr. When I was pregnant with my soon to be 7 year old I had no sickness at all and didn’t even have beginning labor pains. I went for a routine drs appointment and he told me I was in labor, get to the hospital asap. Talk about shock! Lol. So, not experiencing the morning sickness myself, I can’t say I know what you’re going through, but I do hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and wish you all the best.

      On April 01, 2015

    • shona says...

      1. amethyst ring
      2. shared on facebook.
      3. pinterest
      4. what made me smile today – watching old baby videos of my daughter. You forget the things you filmed.

      On October 27, 2013

    • nancy newcome says...

      1. I would love the black spinel cocktail ring for dressing up.

      2. My 2 year old grandson Riley, told me to drive with both hands on the wheel like his mommy does.

      On October 27, 2013

    • Sarah says...

      1.) Amethyst – cause its my birth stone
      2.) Share on my FB page
      3.) Pinned here
      4.) Something that made me smile today was that you are sick and allowed me to enter cause I forgot to do it last night :) Hope you feel better really quickly now that I have entered!!

      On October 22, 2013

    • Amanda Power-Hall says...

      Chalcedony – reminds me of Moonstone, which reminds me of my mother. It was one of her favourites :)

      On October 22, 2013

    • Cee says...

      I love Black Spinel, I think it’s sparkly and magical yet dark and mysterious.

      I think of my Valera every day and she is my reason to smile. She was my hospice foster dog, expected to last a couple of months the most. I kept her going for a year and 1/2. She was the most special being I have ever met and even through my tears, … I smile for her.

      On October 22, 2013

    • Kate Martin says...

      Hello lovely lady. black spinal!!!! Squeal so me!

      On October 21, 2013

    • Sam Elzanati says...

      1. Citrine – it looks like the sun is shining out!
      2. A matching ring for our beautiful first wedding anniversary earrings~
      3. Today’s smile: My wife greeting me in the airport with a huge sign congratulating me on my achievements in the UK. It was wonderful to come home and it was a lovely surprise to see the sign! :D

      On October 21, 2013

    • Ina says...

      How lovely of you, Belinda.. and how generous. Your craftmanship is absolutely perfect; now that I visited your blog.
      I love Larimar – as I adore blue…
      and a lot of things made me smile today, though I can’t really top off my little one saying to me “I love you Mama even though you’re not around – you stay right here —> {her tiny pointer’s on her chest}” Priceless.
      Best wishes to you & your family , Belinda.

      On October 21, 2013

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