Hello!  My name is Belinda Saville, and I am a jewellery designer based in Sydney, Australia.  
From my home studio, I create a line of eco-friendly adornments utilising recycled precious metals and exquisite gemstones.
My jewellery is a distilled narrative of my life, my passions and my observations of the world around me.  I employ traditional metalsmithing methods to craft each piece by hand, savouring the creative process as much as the beautiful end result.  I incorporate natural gemstones into my work often, and find their inherent beauty to be endlessly inspiring and hopelessly addictive.  The pairing of metal and mineral is pure magic to me.

My design process is very organic, which opens the door to serendipity and possibility.  A childhood spent immersed in nature has ensured that the natural world will always be a source of inspiration, and a love of travel and history remain faithful influences in my designs.  My current line is grounded in minimal design, paring back the unnecessary until refined, effortless beauty is achieved.  At the root of every design is my desire to make jewellery that is graceful, wearable and feminine.

More than anything, I seek to create jewellery that resonates beyond the time it was created - through seasonal trends and evolving wardrobes, and ultimately, beyond one generation and into the next.

P.S.  While my website is being updated, please visit my Etsy shop to view my full range of jewellery: