• Rose cut sapphire & 14k gold ring

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    She is an intriguing blend of simplicity and complexity,

    a recipe to be loved,

    but never revealed.

    ~ Dean Jackson

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    With just a whisper of colour, these beautiful rose cut sapphires have a delicate and ethereal quality. Set in eco-friendly recycled 14k gold, the dream-like pastel tones weave a story of light and clarity, of the spaces between.

    A light-filled delicacy for the unconventional bride, a reflection of her unique love story captured in metal and stone. Or a beautiful every day adornment for dreamers and romantics.

    Each sapphire is unique and one-of-a-kind. These are natural stones so some have slight inclusions, though I don't feel this detracts from their beauty in any way! If you wish to see more photos of any of the sapphires, please get in touch before purchasing!

    Sapphire is the birthstone for September

    { D e t a i l s }

    :: Sapphire size - varied (see measurements below)

    :: Ring band - 1.3mm, 1.6mm or 2mm wide (hammered, smooth, woodland or wildflower texture available)

    :: Metal - recycled 14k gold - your choice of yellow, rose or white

    :: Finish - polished

    Sapphire dimensions:

    A. 6.5mm x 6mm { SOLD }
    B. 6.5mm x 5mm
    C. 6mm x 5.8mm  { SOLD }
    D. 7mm x 4.8mm
    E. 7.5mm x 4.8mm { SOLD }
    F. 6mm x 5mm { SOLD }
    G. 6mm x 5mm { SOLD }
    H. 7mm x 6mm
    I. 7mm x 5mm { SOLD }
    J. 7.5mm x 6.3mm { SOLD }
    K. 9.2mm x 4.8mm { SOLD }
    L. 8mm x 5mm { SOLD }
    M. 8mm x 5.5mm { SOLD }
    N. 7mm x 6mm { SOLD }
    O. 8.3mm x 5mm { SOLD }

    P. 6.8mm x 5mm
    Q. 7mm x 6mm { SOLD }
    R. 6.8mm x 6mm
    S. 6mm x 5mm { SOLD }
    T. 6.8mm x 5.7mm
    U. 9mm x 5mm 

    { SOLD }
    V. 8mm x 5mm  { SOLD }
    W. 7.8mm x 6mm { SOLD }
    X. 7mm x 5.5mm  { SOLD }
    Y. 8mm x 4.7mm  { SOLD }
    Z. 8.5mm x 5mm
    AA. 7.8mm x 6mm { SOLD }
    AB. 7.8mm x 6mm { SOLD }
    AC. 7.5mm x 4.7mm
    AD. 8mm x 5mm
    AE. 7mm x 6mm  { SOLD }
    AF. 6.8mm x 6mm
    AG. 7.5mm x 6mm
    AH. 7mm x 6mm
    AI. 7.5mm x 6mm

    { O r d e r }

    :: Please select your sapphire (refer to the 10th photo) and ring band from the drop down menus

    :: At checkout, please let me know:

    ~ your preferred 14k gold colour (rose, yellow or white)

    ~ your ring size; 

    ~ your preference for texture on the ring band (hammered, smooth, woodland or wildflower finish)

    ~ whether you have any other preferences ie. the orientation of the gemstone, etc.

    :: This item is MADE TO ORDER especially for you.  Please allow UP TO THREE WEEKS for your ring to be made.  I will notify you as soon as your parcel is ready to ship!