• Rose cut rainbow moonstone & 14k gold solitaire ring

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    We are stars wrapped in skin -
    The light you are seeking
    has always been within.
    ~ Rumi

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    Rainbow moonstone is filled with wonder and magic. The ancient Romans believed that it was magically formed from rays of moonlight, and it is not difficult to imagine why. These celestial treats could very well have been plucked from the moon herself, a treasure borne amongst the stars...

    June babies, moonstone is also your birthstone.

    These freeform rose cut moonstones are each unique in shape, and most have a lovely clarity which is unusual for moonstone.  They all sparkle beautifully because of the rose cut faceting.

    *** You may view a video of each individual moonstone on my Instagram page here:  http://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17916339343446668/ ***

    { D e t a i l s }

    :: Ring band :: 1.3mm wide hammered (smooth or woodland finish available by request)

    :: Gold :: solid recycled 14k gold - your choice of rose or yellow

    { M o o n s t o n e   D i m e n s i o n s }

    A. 9mm x 9mm { SOLD }
    B. 11mm x 9mm { SOLD }
    C. 10mm x 8.5mm { SOLD }
    D. 10mm x 8.5mm
    E. 10.2mm x 9mm { SOLD }
    F. 10mm x 7mm
    G. 10.2mm x 8mm { SOLD }
    H. 11mm x 10mm
    I. 12mm x 9mm { SOLD }
    J. 11.2mm x 10mm { SOLD }
    K. 12mm x 9mm { SOLD }
    L. 11mm x 9.5mm
    M. 12mm x 9mm { SOLD }
    N. 13mm x 9mm { SOLD }
    O. 14mm x 10mm { SOLD }
    P. 15mm x 10mm { SOLD }

    { O r d e r }

    :: Upon checkout, please select your preferred 14k gold colour (rose or yellow) and the letter of your chosen moonstone {refer to the 9th photo}

    ::  Please let me a note at checkout with your ring size!  You may also request a hammered, smooth or woodland finish to your ring band here.

    :: Your ring is MADE TO ORDER especially for you. Please allow 2-3 WEEKS production time. I will notify you as soon as your parcel is ready to ship!

    { Upgrade your ring band }

    This ring comes with a delicate but sturdy 1.3mm band (which is suitable for daily wear and wedding/engagement rings), however if you wish to upgrade to a thicker 1.6mm or 2mm band, please get in touch and I can set up a custom listing for you!