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    You are the poem
    wildflowers write
    to Spring.

    R. Queen

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    My latest capsule collection, 'Wildflowers', was inspired by my travels around Europe in the Summer of 2019.

    My daily runs each morning at first light became the most beautiful symphony of colour and scent. What a joy to wander amongst the wildflowers! Their stems bending to and fro in the soft Summer breeze; the warmth of the sun caressing the scent from their petals... I was intoxicated and inspired, and these new pieces are my memories of that time crafted in metal and stone.

    My Wildflower rings feature one-of-a-kind gemstones that I have collected over the past decade. I hand-picked all of these sapphires at the Tucson Gem Show, Arizona in 2017.  The colours range from vibrant saturated tones to delicate pastels and glittering whites.  Each sapphire is unique and one-of-a-kind!  I hope you will find a special sapphire that speaks to you!  

    As with many natural gems, most of these sapphires have inclusions however I don't feel that this detracts from their beauty in any way.  If you would like to see additional photos of any of the sapphires before you purchase, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

    I will handcraft a ring especially for your chosen gemstone from solid 14k gold. The gemstone sits upon a ring band which I have delicately textured on three sides with my 'wildflower' texture.

    Sapphire is the birthstone for September.   It is a hard stone (9 on the Mohs scale) which makes it ideal for engagement rings or rings which will be worn daily.

    { D e t a i l s }

    : : Sapphire size - varied (see measurements and carat size below)

    : : Ring band - 1.3mm, 1.6mm or 2mm wide (wildflower, hammered, smooth or woodland finish available by request)

    : : Metal : : solid recycled 14k gold - your choice of yellow, rose or white

    :: Finish - polished

    { S A P P H I R E }

    A. Pastel blue sapphire - 7.1mm x 5.1mm, pear cut { SOLD }

    B. Pastel blue sapphire - 7mm x 5.1mm, pear cut

    C. White sapphire - 5mm x 5mm, pear cut 

    { SOLD }

    D. White sapphire - 7mm x 5mm, pear cut{ SOLD }

    E. White sapphire - 7.2mm x 5.1mm, pear cut { SOLD }

    F. Pastel yellow sapphire - 7.5mm x 5.5mm, pear cut

    G. Pastel yellow sapphire - 7mm x 5.5mm, pear cut

    H. Pink sapphire - 5mm x 3mm, oval cut

    I. Yellow sapphire - 4mm round cut 

    { SOLD }

    J. Green sapphire - 4mm x 3.5mm, oval cut { SOLD }

    K. Pastel blue & white sapphire - 4.8mm x 3mm, oval cut

    L. Pastel teal Montana sapphire - 5mm round cut { SOLD }

    M. Pastel sage green Montana sapphire - 5mm round 

    N. White Montana sapphire - 5mm round

    O. White Montana sapphire - 5.5mm round { SOLD }

    >>> Please note - the photos of the sapphires are not to scale!  I recommend using a ruler to accurately gauge the size of the sapphires! <<<

    { O r d e r }

    :: From the drop down menus, please select your sapphire (refer to the 8th photo) and ring band (refer to the 9th photo for size reference).

    :: In the personalisation box, please let me know:

    ~ your preferred 14k gold colour (rose, yellow or white)

    ~ your ring size; and

    ~ your preference for texture on the ring band (wildflower, hammered, smooth or woodland finish)

    ~ whether you have any other preferences ie. the orientation of the gemstone, whether the stone is set on top of the ring band (stackable with other rings) or set low into the ring band (low profile) etc.

    :: This item is MADE TO ORDER especially for you. Please allow UP TO 3 WEEKS for your ring to be made.  I will notify you as soon as your parcel is ready to ship!

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